Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I started writing this post last year, when I made gingerbread for Christmas eve dinner. Happy New Year! This is truly a recipe for the ages.

I mean, it includes mustard which is basically the best thing ever. Plus an entire cup of molasses (don't use blackstrap...that stuff is bitter beyond belief.

It feels like a dream from the time of Into the Woods, a time when every town had a blacksmith and  people didn't have ovens, they just had fires. In this dream, I'm wearing a long dress and sensible boots and a bonnet.

Even the way I got this recipe makes me feel like olden days. My friend Isabel made it during finals last year and it was so delicious I had to ask her for the recipe so I could make it for my family. One thing I learned from last year's trial was that cupcakes work better than you can see from the fault lines below.

It still tasted good though! And this year, the batch was gone within a day.

Delicious with whipped cream or without, warm or room temperature, eaten with a fork or fingers, its spices and heft give it class and humility. 

Enjoy, share with friends and family. Have a bright and joyful New Year!

Find the recipe over at Mad about Maida! Muffins took about 30-40 minutes--the batter is quite wet, so it takes a while to bake up properly.

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