Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cakey Frosted Sugar Cookies

CELEBRATE! good times come on! We're gonna celebrate and have a good time.

Soundtrack of my youth! This was definitely that song they played at our school field day and stuff in elementary school. Good times.

Elementary school also had birthdays and sprinkles and all of that room mom rotation stuff. I remember one year, my dad sent me in with a loaf or two of homemade bread (we used to always have homemade bread from our bread machine and never bought it!) and apple slices. And everyone loved it!

Obviously we have always known the wisdom of carbs.

Okay, so enough tempting with these pictures and no explanation. No, I did not go to my nearest Jewel and get a package of those gloriously soft and white cookies with plasticky, melt in your mouth frosting and sprinkles. Nope, that would be too much work.

And not enough butter. [though, sidenote, this recipe actually has a surprisingly small amount of butter considering that there are cookies and frosting--less than two sticks in the batch].

So I made them at home! Honestly, they are eerily similar to the ones in the store, except a bit more "real." Really soft cookies, delicious frosting that gets a nice little crunchiness from drying out and setting just a teensy bit. And of course, party sprinkles! Some of the cookies got dinosaur sprinkles, but of course those were all gone before I got around to taking pictures (of the last 4 cookies remaining!).

The beautiful orchid (which actually was on sale at Jewel!) makes a great backdrop for these ever so sophisticated cookies, right? ha.

Have a cookie!

Since I didn't change much in this recipe, I'll just link to the recipe I used, from Cooking Classy. The only changes I made were to leave out the almond extract and use green and yellow food coloring instead of red! I picked it because it seemed like the vigorous whipping of butter and sugar, cake flour/cornstarch, and extra egg white would help the cookies be appropriately cakey, and we had all of the ingredients on hand.

If you'd like to experiment with other recipes, this post has a bunch of links to different recipes for these kinds of cookies. I'm sure you can find one that fits what you have on hand in your kitchen! Enjoy.

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