Saturday, July 6, 2013

France + Food

Because, let's face it...going to another country, eating is really important. Important for nourishing the traveling body and soul. And important for understanding the place. Eat where the locals eat, eat what the locals eat.

Amazing sandwich at Fad'oli, a favorite sandwich shop here!

I was a bit homesick earlier this week, and for me, it was manifest in missing the food at home. I have a really strong idea of what a meal includes, and I felt like all I was eating was bread, cheese, and butter. Missing meat (particularly poultry...) and fruit/vegetables.

The peach that made me cry, it was so good. I kid not.
Which is crazy because the fruit and vegetables here are really fantastic, especially at the Wednesday/Saturday market, and protein deficiency fears are (I believe) an American socially-created need which helps all of those companies making protein bars.

Sandwich from our picnic. Includes jambon cru (procuitto), a sausage kind of similar to pepperoni, two kinds of cheese, and some beautiful ripe tomatoes
I eat bread at literally almost every meal here. And it's good bread, too!

Fun fact--bread is so integral to france's culture that the government has a whole bunch of legislature relating to it! It's traditionally just flour, water, salt and yeast, and they also dictate (or did dictate in the past) its price. Baguettes are always less than a dollar, and they always go stale (unless kept in the freezer).

quiche with chorizo at Les 2 Suds
And, without further ado, more pictures!

Camembert, honey, walnut sandwich with chocolate molleux at Au Monde de Sophie. Quickly becoming a favorite place to get a sandwich! They have great combos.
Fromage blanc, strawberries, and a phyllo-dough-like bowl. Dessert at Les 2 Suds.
Finally got some chicken! Lovely lemon flavor, on a kebab with carrots/zucchini and rice pilaf. At  Bar a Thym.
Pizza with artichokes and olives at La Dolce Vita...they have a great deal with half a pizza, half a salad for 8 euros!
Crepe with Nutella! Though apparently french people don't eat crepes in the summer, just in the winter. So much for eating like a local! (in Avignon, at I forget which cafe). It was delicious, comme meme.
A kebab sandwich from La Medina (kebab places are all over, this is the best one). The sandwich was basically a burrito sized pocket of MEAT.
La Medina also does Briques, which are phyllo dough pockets of potatoes, eggs, cheese, tuna, etc. mmm
Cherries from the market! What a lovely breakfast.
...and, to finish, something sweet. A tarte with caramel and walnuts, so so delicious.
More to come! Including pictures and recipes from a cooking class I did!

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