Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lunches and France

What a combo. I was home for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer, and I now have begun a program for study abroad in Arles, France!

While I was home, I ate a lot of avocado. And weird, weird lunches.

Homemade hummus, avocado, grapes, and toast! Put some picnic on your plate!
All orange, all soft for apres-wisdom teeth
An attempt at fried rice. Basically, leftovers with 2 eggs, some soy sauce, and sriracha dumped in a pan and cooked. con avocado, of course.
And in Arles (which is a beautiful and small city situated on the Rhone river in Provence), I have been eating well, too!

Omelette with ham and cheese. Bread, always.
Gazpacho and tartine at Cuisine de Comptoire. The soup is spicy with raw onions and fruity with tomatoes. The tartine I ordered has duck and cheese, and heavens, was it good.
There have been lots of tartines au beurre (toast with butter--tartine is bread with stuff and toasted, or toast with stuff), and even homemade yogurt for breakfast, thanks to my host family! I'll have to try making it in the US!

And, I have been jogging a bit. Chez moi...

Et en France...

It is truly a spectacularly beautiful summer so far. Many more photos and food to come!

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