Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taco Food Truck Review


3 tacos al pastor. Comes with lettuce, beans, and rice, all for $5!

After the dining hall food day after day, three times a day, it was a nice change to pick my meal off a menu and have it be something someone had personally taken pride in developing the recipe for.

Common Scents: they put the tacos on the lettuce and rice part of your lunch so that they don't get the beans all over them. They stay nice!

Not so common scents: After a 20 minute walk from class to my dorm (science hill is far), the tacos were no longer warm despite a seemingly insulating Styrofoam container, and even though they were clever about laying the tacos so they didn't get on the beans, they still got soggy from the stuff inside so the bottom half of the (soft corn) shell got kind of gross.

As inauthentic as it is, I'm more of a flour tortilla person than a corn tortilla person...

It's like eating fish. Like, I wish I liked fish, and I feel like I should be able to drink coffee black and enjoy it and all.
I feel like eating corn tortillas fortified my authenticity as a person.

Definitely going to be trying out more food carts! They're all super inexpensive, and the smells waft enticingly over the parking lot.

Go for it.

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