Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bond 45 Review

This past weekend I was so so lucky to be able to go see Once in New York with my residential college.

It was amazing. All the actors play instruments on stage, so there's no orchestra, and the whole performance was very genuine and beautiful. It's no wonder the show won 8 Tonys.

This is probably the best known song from the musical. It's been on the radio a bunch from the movie, which was also super popular.

Anyway, before the show, we had a fantastic brunch at Bond 45. It's a fancy Italian place right near Times Square, and the food was incredible.

I had minestrone soup to start, which they claim has 21 vegetables. It was a clear, light (not tomato-y), hot vegetable broth with distinct vegetables in a huge bowl. I loved how there were strips of kale and other wintery greens cooked perfectly floating around like ribbons

Then, I had a pizza with their homemade Burrata Mozzarella, thick slices of prosciutto  and arugula. It was huge, and delicious. The prosciutto was hard to eat because the pieces were a bit big for my mouth, which made for some amusing bites with meat just hanging out of my mouth.

Bear in mind I had just met the people I was eating with. We had a good laugh about it, though. And the restaurant isn't all of their pizzas has "A Lot of Pepperoni and Arugula."

And then, dessert. Oh, lordy, dessert.

The sense of humor continues with our joking waiter (maybe an actor?) and a menu item called "Bucket of Chocolate Mousse."
Which we of course had to try.

They bring out two connected buckets, one with mousse and one with whipped cream, and serve probably a cup and a half of each onto a plate with two shovels.

So. so. so. so good.

The NY Cheesecake was fantastic as well (served with a flourish of chocolate sauce drizzled from a copper pan...what a presentation!)

Recipe coming soon! I'm home from break, so baking is going DOWN.

That is, after we finish my dad's apple pie :)

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