Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I done made chocolate chip cookies at college! First baking experience here was a success.

There were little victories, like figuring out how the heck the oven turns on.
having bought all the necessary ingredients.
finding the oven has a convection setting.

And then there were little disappointments, like realizing how weird imitation vanilla smells after adding it.
not being able to find measuring spoons.
taking pictures with an iPhone.

There were warm fuzzies, like the looks on people's faces when I offered a warm cookie.

I made a double batch (5 dozen BIG cookies), and they were gone within two days. One of those days was Yom Kippur, and a bunch of people were fasting, so I think I did alright.

The recipe is the same as the one here, except I left out the nuts (my suitemates have allergies) and salt and instead added a bit of nutmeg.

Easy and I promise more chewy than the Tollhouse recipe! Make them big that modest people will want to tear off half, but then end up eating the equivalent of three.

Enjoy! Brighten someone's (or 5 dozen people's) day!

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