Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Today, I did everything you're not supposed to do.

My melted chocolate seized up so I added some water (why does it do that in the microwave? maybe too much stirring?) from our hot water spigot.
These cookies have water in them they shouldn't, long story short.

Ooooh, crinkly crust. How I love thee.

After the eggs and butter had been warming up on the windowsill, the eggs dropped on the counter and all three cracked. So I cracked them into another bowl and went on with life.

I didn't wait the full hour for the dough to chill.

I used Nestlé chocolate chips, not good chocolate. Oh and it was semisweet, not bittersweet.

Oh right. Plus it's January, and everyone's resolutions to eat well, be nice, exercise, not procrastinate, and save the whales.
Does the fact that these cookies only have three tablespoons of butter in them make them better?

When they came out of the oven, I plopped a droople of nutella on top of one and scraped the battery cookie onto a plate to scoop it up with a fork.
Into my mouth.

Photoshop could not fix the blurry, awkward coloring of this hastily taken camera phone photo...
Then I realized they were underbaked so, after eating half raw hot batter with nutella on top, the sheets of cookies went back into the oven after they had already sort of almost maybe cooled.

So what?

You know what the world said? The world is indifferent.
But my parents loved the cookies.

Common Scents: you don't have to do the recipe right for it to turn out delicious. And don't apologize for something you don't have to.

put nutella on it.

Recipe from Joy the Baker.

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